About Us


Glore-- stands for Galactic Life Exploration Expansion. We are a new age movement to sky rocket expansion and knowledge regarding the cosmos and space.  


GLORE is art, awareness, and streetwear all in one. We sell merchandise to raise awareness and support Space, Science, and Exploration. We also support the art community which is why our designs are made by passionate artists. Stay tuned to our giveaways, design competitions , and astro news by following our Instagram @astrooglore!


Our vision is the future and where mankind is going. Collectively as humanity, we can achieve what would seem impossible together.

Really ... but why NOW?

Here at GLORE we are not only dreamers...we want Space, Science, and Exploration to gain momentum and be actualized in our lifetime. We are the generation to do this. This is step 1 to a foundation hub of STEM fields creating inventions for the future. 


Want to Take It Up A Notch? 

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